Updated generator range with brand new 100kVA Stage V hire options

The IPS Generator range has been steadily increasing over the years, and we are excited to announce that we now have Stage V compliant BGG 100kVA Generators within our rental inventory. They join our existing 18kVA and 40kVA JCB Stage V options, as well as the compact 6kVA sets, plus 60kVA and 100kVA Stage IIIA models. All sets run on HVO fuel and can be either supplied on road towable trailers or skid mounted.

Supporting the generators, we also stock a range of external HVO fuel tanks, pumps, and fuel bowsers – plus an extensive range of power cabling, mains distribution, earthing hardware and cable ramps. All items are ready to hire now on a trade hire basis or can be supplied as part of a technical production solution if required.

The latest addition to our generator fleet is the BGG FQ110K 100kVA. These Ultra-Silenced Stage V sets run on HVO fuel and can deliver up to 144A of power via a three-phase output. Onboard power outlet connection options include PowerLock, 125A and 63A 3P CEE Forms, and the Deep Sea Electronics control panels provide a host of load sharing and redundancy options as well as remote telemetry to record operating data. The BGG FQ110K is one of the lightest 100kVA Stage V sets on the market, which was a key factor in the purchase as it means that with an overall weight of 3200kg in road tow configuration it is easy to move around if needed. When towing isn’t a consideration, the skid mounted weight is just over 2400kg so still transport friendly – and these weights include the 300l of fuel that can be carried within the internal bunded tanks.

If you have any upcoming event power requirements, please check out our full range here, and get in touch for quotation or some more information.