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IPS offer a range of Technical Production and Venue Services.

We define Technical Production as when we provide a service rather than just supplying a list of equipment. IPS have a team of Project Managers and as we supply mainly business to business markets, we are used to working on event sites on behalf of another company. Whether you just want us to look after the staging or structural side of your event requirements, or need a full technical production solution, we can help. 

Venue Services is where IPS have partnered with a venue to provide certain elements of production infrastructure - such as initial power and rigging services at the Marshall Arena. We have worked extensively with our Venue Services partners - and know the venues inside out from a technical perspective so along with providing the essential venue services, we can also help with any other technical event requirements within the space. 

Please contact us to discuss your upcoming event requirements, and we will work with you to arrange a solution within your timescale and budget.