PF 2023 01Find out more about getting into a career in the technical side of events

IPS are proud to be an Industry Partner of Production Futures, which aims to help young people to learn, train, network and develop work opportunities in production across all aspects of Live Events, Music, Festivals, Touring, Theatre, TV, Broadcast, Film and Virtual Production.

Production Futures On Tour is a series of roadshow events taking place all over the UK where a range of top UK technical production suppliers present some of their services and make themselves available to discuss placement schemes and career opportunities within events. It is an ideal place to network and meet a wide range of people. The events take place all over the county, with the first event of 2023 being hosted by Confetti at Metronome in Nottingham in February. IPS were in attendance in Nottingham, with a popular interactive demo setup where visitors could try their hand at mixing a band – and we will be bringing a similar system along to

PF 2023 02The next event dates and venues announced include:

University of Gloucestershire – Wednesday 8th March 2023

New Century Manchester - Wednesday 3rd May 2023

IPS have displayed various different equipment areas, focussing on entertainment lighting, film and television lighting , and most recently a festival sound setup with a popular interactive demo where visitors could try their hand at mixing a band. We will be bringing the festival sound setup to the University of Gloucestershire in March, and maybe something completely different to Manchester!

PF 2023 03If you or someone you know is just staring out in events, or studying already, or thinking about this as a career area, then these events may be just what they are looking for – please help us spread the word. For further event information, check out the Production Futures website here:

If you or someone you know is already working within events or a related industry, and is looking for a new challenge, we are recruiting for a range of roles here at IPS, and always on the lookout for the right people – check out the current list on our website here, or get in touch via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. We also run a summer placement scheme to allow people with some events awareness to gain paid experience over the festival season – more about that scheme here.