Jem Glaciator DynamicMassive low fog output from a new smaller quieter machine – and ready to hire now.

IPS have recently added a pair of Martin JEM Glaciator Dynamic low fog machines to hire stock. Replacing the original JEM Glaciator, these new machines are smaller, run quieter and have a very impressive output. They also have a new range of ducting accessories to give more possibilities for output, with a Fog Blade and a three way ducting adaptor to send the output wherever it is required. Ducting in lengths of up to 10m can be used with the machines.

Jem Glaciator Dynamic with Fog BladeThe JEM Glaciator Dynamic is powered via a 32a single phase supply, consuming around 4000watts and once powered up can be ready to go in 7 minutes, producing up to 80 square metres of output per minute. The machines are now on wheels, and are supplied from IPS with a soft cover so they are ready to go (and you don’t end up with a massive flight case lid to stash somewhere like with our previous Glaciator!). The Glaciator Dynamic runs much quieter than the previous generations, making them ideal for theatrical or other noise critical environments. These brand new units are ideal to add a dramatic effect to your next production.

Jem Glaciator Dynamic with 3wayFor more technical specifications and details on the JEM Glaciator Dynamic, have a look at the Martin website here. IPS also stocks a wide range of Fog, Smoke, Haze and even Snow machines – plus our recently added cold fallout Sparkular effects, and a range of pyrotechnic firing options. If you have a project coming up that has a low fog/smoke requirement, check out our full range and all the latest prices here, or get in touch for a customised quotation.