Fog (Smoke)/Haze/Snow Machine Information Photo Daily Weekly
Fog / Smoke Machines        
Jem Magnum 550 Fog (smoke) Machine with wired remote 13a/16a - IEC magGlassMagnum-550   £10.00
Chauvet Versuvio II Vertical Fog (Smoke) Machine with RGBA+UV LEDs 3 & 5 Pin DMX (replaces previous Geyser models) magGlassChauvet Versuvio II IPS Web   £45.00
Jem ZR45 Fog (Smoke) Machine 16a magGlassJem ZR45 Smoke   £50.00
Look Solutions Viper 2.6 Fog (Smoke) Machine
16a magGlassUnique Viper 2 6 Fog IPS web   £60.00
Jem 24/7 Hazer (includes 2.5l fluid) 13a/16a - IEC magGlassJem-24-7   £40.00
Le Maitre M.V.S. Hazer 13a/16a - IEC magGlassLe-Maitre-MVS-Hazer   £80.00
Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer
16a magGlassUnique 2-1 Haze   £80.00
MDG ATMe Hazer (hire price includes 4l Fluid & 2x 1.5kg C02 cylinders) 16a magGlassMDG ATMe Haze   £343.00
MDG ATMe External Tank CO2 Regulator Kit       £POA
Reel EFX - DF-50 Hazer
16a magGlassDF 50 WEB   £80.00
Snow Machines        

Antari SW 250 DMX c/w Wireless Remote

(Fluid not included - please ask for a sales quote)

13a/16a - IEC magGlassAntari-SW-250-Snow-Machine-web   £50.00
Low Smoke Effects        
Rosco Chiller Module (requires smoke machine) 16a magGlassRosco-Low-Smoke-Unit   £35.00
Chauvet Cloud 9 Fogger *NEW* 16a magGlass   £180.00
Jem Glaciator Dynamic
32a magGlass   £320.00
Jem Glaciator Dynamic Ducting Accessory Kit
Fog Blade, 3 Way Diverter & 3 x 5m Ducting magGlass   £30.00
Jem AF1 DMX Controlled Fan c/w remote, 13a/16a - IEC magGlassJem-AF1-Fan   £30.00
Antari AF-3 DMX controlled fan
  magGlassAntari-AF-3-Fan   £25.00
Medium Sized Black Fan - 3 Speed 16a magGlassFan   £5.00
Sparkular Indoor Pyrotechnics /Spark Machine        
Showven Sparkular
Control via 3 Pin DMX  magGlassShowven Sparkular   £100.00
Sparkular Granules (lasts approx 12min @ full height) Sales item for above     £50.00