IPS smartSTAGE 180 New Trailer StageIPS has added a 14m smartSTAGE 180 Trailer Stage ready to hire for summer 2021

This structure marks the first time IPS has offered a trailer-based stage structure, and it is one of the largest available in the UK. Manufactured by leading German supplier Kultour, the smartSTAGE 180 offers a 14m by 11.5m performance area under a hydraulically lifted roof canopy which all folds out from an articulated truck trailer.

Offering reduced build times compared to stand alone structures, the IPS 14m smartSTAGE 180 Trailer Stage still offers a full range of production friendly features, including impressive roof weight loading of over 26,000kg, PA/Branding Wings, along with a range of optional extras. Perfect for a wide range of festivals and events, the IPS structure features all black internal truss and structure elements for a smart finish, and with the optional extended side wings offers a total frontage of 26m wide for a serious stage presence.

IPS smartSTAGE Trailer Stage DimsFor more details on the IPS 14m smartSTAGE 180 Trailer Stage, check out the structure page on our website here. If you have an event coming up and would like to find out more about availability, pricing and how IPS can help with your event, please get in touch with our team.