Loads of IPS LiteDeckIPS have lots of new shapes and sizes of LiteDeck ready to hire now

IPS has increased the range of LiteDeck circles and triangles in stock – and added a wider range of smaller sizes, along with adding to stocks of sizes that have been especially popular. Check out all the latest sizes and prices here.

In the world of LiteDeck Circles, new additions are 2’ and 5’ Quadrants, plus a 20’ Diameter Circle. The Quadrants mean that we can now offer 4’ and 10’ Diameter Circular platforms, and the 20’ Diameter circle is designed to also be split in either quarters or half sections making it a very versatile item. As with the other LiteDeck circles, the decks themselves are 7” high, and can have legs from our standard range added to them for use a variety of heights. This means that the circular staging platforms that can now be hired from IPS in the following diameters: 4/8/10/12/16/10/24 (all measurements are in feet). To complete the range, IPS now also stock 4’ internal quadrants if you want to try something slightly different!

8’x4’ Left and Right handed Triangles are new in the three sided selection, and these join the 4’ and 6’ versions already available. Extra stocks of 4’x4’ and 6’x4’ LiteDeck have been added to avoid disappointment, and our 3’ sided range has been further increased, with stock items now including the full 3’x1’, 3’x2’, 3’x3’, 4’x3’, 6’x3’ and 8’x3’ deck sizes. Finally, we’ve also added some more 2’x2’ decks, which have proved even more useful than anticipated.

If you have any projects coming up with LiteDeck, then please book as soon as possible as the summer season is the busiest time for the staging. IPS also stocks mountains of 8’x4’ and 8’x2’ LiteDeck, alongside thousands of legs, steps, wheels, handrails, screwjacks, legsavers and all the other staging hardware needed to make your platform or stage complete. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.