Chauvet PVP S5 Detail Shot IPSThe Chauvet PVP S5 is a 5.2mm pitch LED Screen panel, and one of the most popular offered by IPS. The screen is ideal for indoor applications, and suitable for viewing distances from 5m and over. Screens can be constructed in almost any configuration, and can be either ground stacked or flown. Unless specific content has been created, or a Media Server is being used it is usually best to stick to 16:9 screen dimensions.


The Chauvet PVP S5 panels are a high specification product. Features include:

  • 5.2mm Pixel PitchChauvet PVP S5 groundstack Band
  • Black Faced SMD LEDs
  • 500mm x 500mm Panel size
  • PowerCon & EtherCon connectors
  • 9216 pixels per panel (96 x 96)
  • 1200Hz Refresh Rate
  • 1500 NITs Brightness


The 5.2mm resolution is ideal for a mixture of purposes from a conference Chauvet PVP S5 in Theatrepresentation to a dramatic band backdrop.

If you are considering using an LED Screen for your event, consideration must be made for the support system, and the available power supply within the venue.

The panels can be supplied with a ground support rigging option, or can be flown using the Chauvet PVP Flybar system. Please get in touch with our team to discuss your event LED Screen requirements - we look forward to hearing from you.