IPS Artnet Tour RackThe IPS ArtNet Tour Rack is an Ethernet to DMX Node. Featuring a built in UPS unit, this neatly racked solution consists of an Ethernet to DMX Node, Network Switch and a DMX Buffer/ Distributor for each outlet. Updated for 2018, the racks are now fully RDM compliant, and the LumiSplit DMX Buffer/Distributers offer lots more DMX patching options. The network elements are Luminex units - the rack consists of:

  • 1 x Luminex Ethernet-DMX8 Ethernet Node
  • 1 x Luminex GigaCore 14R Ethernet Switch
  • 8 x Luminex LumiSplit 2.10 10 Way RDM DMX Distribution Units
  • 1 x APC UPS Unit
  • 1 x Rack light

This is all housed in a 15U case on wheels, and is an ideal rack to be situated backstage - perhaps with Dimmers & Distribution - to deal with all your DMX requirements.


***PLEASE NOTE THAT THESES RACKS NOW ONLY HAVE 5PIN DMX OUTLET CONNECTORS*** If you have previously used these racks, the 2018 Buffer upgrade means that the previous 3pin outlet options are no longer avaliable - but 3pin adaptors are of course avaliable from IPS (admittedly 3pin isn't used as much anymore - but don't forget about the sunstrips!) 

Luminex-Ethernet-DMX-8-webThe Luminex Ethernet-DMX8 Node has very similar features to the Ethernet-DMX4 model, but with additional outputs in a 19" rack mount chassis. These features include:

  • DMX routing, universe setting
  • Input and output enable / disable
  • DMX output frame rate setting
  • Supported protocols: DMX, DMX512-A, RDM, Art-Netâ„¢, sACN
  • Protocol selection per port
  • IP settings
  • Unit ID and labeling
  • Graphic diplay and jog for settings visualization
  • Ethernet activity indication on front panel
  • Up to 40 programmable profiles and routings
  • Up to 10 predefined profiles (splitters, mergers...)
  • Multi language Web interface

For further details on the Ethernet-DMX-8, check out the manufacturers website here

To download the User Manual, please click here

Luminex-GigaCore-14R-WebThe IPS ArtNet Tour Rack also features a Luminex GigaCore 14R, which is a fully featured Managed Gigabit Network Switch. This has 10 available EtherCon ports on the front of the rack to connect to main and backup desks, as well as to link to other output nodes as required. Some of the key features of the Switch are as follows:

  • Wire-speed Layer 2/3 Switching
  • Sound protocol compliant: Low jitter
  • Industry specific web interface
  • RLinkX: Activate redundancy on ports to create secured links
  • Group: Create group within your network for a better network isolation
  • Port status
  • 3 LEDs per port: PoE, RLinkX, Link/Speed
  • 4 status LEDs for the device: OK, PoE, RLinkX*, Power
  • Redundant fans

For further details on the Luminex GigaCore 14R, check out the manufacturers website here

To download the User Manual, please click here


Luminex LumiSplit 210 upgradeDealing with the DMX output side of things are now 8 x Luminex LumiSplit 2.10 units. These each offer 10 x 5pin DMX outlets and can be patched and configured in a variety of different ways, and are fully RDM compliant. The RDM features mean the units can be configured over RDM - and in combination with the two input connections, HTP and LTP merging can be set up to allow desk swapovers or backups to be cleverly managed. Even if only a few of the fixtures on your rig are RDM enabled, the non-RDM fixtures can also be isolated on seperate lines with this unit. 

For further details on the Luminex LumiSplit 2.10, check out the manufacturers website here

To download the User Manual, please click here

IPS offers compettive pricing on all rental products, and discounted hire rates are avaliable for longer hires - please contact us for further details.

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